When it comes to safety, tyre pressure is often overlooked. The majority of tyre blow-outs and subsequent loss of control are caused by under inflated tyres and the resultant tyre temperature build-up. Bestech specializes in tyre pressure monitors for motorbikes. The motorbike tyre pressure system is supplied with an internal sensor, and a 90 degree valve.

  • 80% of tyre blow-outs and subsequent loss of control are caused by under-inflated tyres. AutoTyre will ensure optimum safety for driver and motorbike.
  • Constant monitoring of tyre pressure, and an early warning will alert you as soon as a pressure drop is detected – allowing you to attend to a tyre problem in a safe place, instead of having to change a flat tyre on an unsafe roadside.
  • Correctly inflated tyres will ensure the best road-holding, cornering and braking performance.
  • Extends tyre life, and improves fuel economy.
  • Early warning avoids costly rim damage.
With an AutoTyre system real time tyre pressure and temperature are available at the touch of a button.

How It Works                                                    
The tyre pressure sensor transmits the pressure and temperature data of a tyre by radio frequency to the display unit.
When a deviation is detected, the display will give a visible warning, identify the tyre position, and display that tyre’s pressure and temperature. This will allow you time to plan to attend to the tyre in a safe place, like at a garage or tyre shop.

Model Range                                                    
Tyre Pressure Monitor for motorbikes – TireWatch

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Totally wireless
  • Displays the pressure or temperature of both tyres
  • Universal kit, for rims with 8.5mm and 11.5mm diameter valves and BMW rims with valve spoke (hole must be threaded)
  • Internal sensor supplied with a 90 degrees valve
  • Accuracy pressure +/- 20milibar and temperature +/- 2 degrees.
  • The display is battery powered, compact and stylish with an alarm LED and three mounting options.
  • Only for tubeless tyres.