International surveys reveal that:
  • 43% of non-crash fatalities involving children under the age of 15 are caused by vehicles backing up over them.
  • 27% of all accidents occur while manoeuvring at low speeds.
Modern vehicle designs make it increasingly difficult to see obstacles, in front or behind the vehicle and to judge the distance to an obstacle.

Alert Zone

Warns if children, animals or obstacles come within the sensing range.
Helps prevent costly vehicle damage and the associated inconvenience.
Makes reversing, parking and low speed manoeuvring easy and risk free.
Eliminates blind spots and provides corner protection.
Fits all vehicles.
Approved by leading international and local car manufacturers.
E-mark approved.
One of the few systems that pass the stringent ISO test ensuring that even the most difficult to detect objects are detected.
12 Month warranty

Sensor design ensures the sensors:
  • locate positively into the bumper
  • can be colour coded
  • can be cleaned easily which is ideal for dusty South African conditions
The unique set-up procedure automatically:
  • Adjust the sensing range of each sensor for the most accurate, uniform and reliable protection.
  • Excludes any fixed objects on the vehicle that may generate false alarms such as a towbar or spare wheel.
Custom setting:
  • Front sensor kits are supplied with a reduced sensing range, eliminating the irritating detection of objects far away and well within sight.

How It Works                                                    
Ultrasonic sensors fitted in the bumper detect moving or stationary objects within the sensing range.
The rear system is activated when reverse gear is engaged.
An optional trailer recognition module will automatically de-activate the rear sensors when towing.
The front system is activated when the ignition is turned on and can be switched off with a separate on/off switch.
An optional electronic speed switch is available that will automatically activate the front sensors when the speed is below 20 km/h and switches the system off when the speed exceeds this limit, similar to factory installed systems.
The system measures the distance between the vehicle and the object and translates this into a unique beeper frequency that increases steplessly as the distance to the object reduces, when the buzzer frequency goes solid the distance between the vehicle and the object is 300mm.

Optional Extras                                              
Electronic speed switch activates and deactivates the front sensors automatically. Only for Standard fit type.

When the car’s speed is between 0-20 km/h, the ESS will automatically activate the front AutoPark sensors.

When the car’s speed exceeds 20 km/h, the ESS will automatically switch the front AutoPark sensors off.

Trailer recognition module automatically de-activates rear sensors when towing.

When there is no trailer attached to the vehicle, and reverse is selected, the rear sensors will be activated automatically.

If a trailer is attached, the TRM will cut out the rear sensors when reverse is selected.

Special sensor fittings for vehicle specific applications.

Chrome Pipe Supports

Numberplate Supports

Models & Photos                                      
  1. Standard fit type
    sensor kit without a display unit.
  • Four rear sensor kit – for complete protection of the rear bumper
  • Four front sensor kit – for complete protection of the front bumper
  • Two front sensor kit – only recommended in case a nudge bar has been fitted and a four sensor kit cannot be installed. The two front sensors are then installed in the vicinity of the front bumper corners and will provide corner protection only.

  1. Flush fit type
    sensor kit without a display unit.
  • Four rear sensor kit – for complete protection of the rear bumper
  • Four front sensor kit – for complete protection of the front bumper (no nudge bar)