Aftermarket accessories should enhance your driving experience

But do they?

There are various products on the market that can greatly enhance your driving experience, making your trip more leisurely and relaxed, while at the same time boosting safety features and adding to your peace of mind. Products that automatically come to mind include Cruise Controls, Parking Distance Controls, Tyre Pressure Monitors, Electric Windows, and Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits.

But do they really? The answer is quite simple: It all depends on the quality of the vehicle accessory that you buy, AND on the quality of service rendered by the supplier and installer. Many people step into the trap of buying for price instead of quality – and end up with massive headaches instead of an enhanced driving experience.

Here are the criteria according to which one should choose these products:
  • The supplier must handle and offer only the best products available on the market
  • Only accredited outlets should be allowed to sell, install and maintain the products, and must be properly trained, stringently tested, and effectively monitored to ensure consistent quality.
  • The products themselves should comply with stringent international quality and safety standards.
  • Although the products are universal, they must be made vehicle specific to ensure that the highest installation standards are maintained.
The logical question follows automatically: Is there a supplier in South Africa that meets these criteria?

Welcome to Bestech

Bestech offers you a selection of the world’s finest automotive accessories, designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent European quality & safety standards – a welcome relief for the discerning motorist looking for quality, reliability, user friendly design, innovative features and technical support in a market flooded with cheaper, inferior quality copies.

Bestech (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic South African company based in Pretoria that has been importing and distributing electronic automotive accessories aimed at improving driving comfort and safety since 1983.

Product quality and reliability, technical support, and service are our main cornerstones. Based upon these values, Bestech has become the supplier of choice of high quality products to the automotive industry in South Africa.

Our suppliers are all world market leaders investing heavily in research and development, resulting in the latest cutting edge technology being made available.

Bestech specialises in Cruise control (AutoCruise), Park Distance control (AutoPark), Tyre Pressure monitors (AutoTyre), Bluetooth hands free car kits (AutoBlue), and Electric windows (AutoWindow).

Cruise Control:
Enjoy the ultimate driving experience when taking your foot off the accelerator pedal and letting Bestech’s AutoCruise maintain the speed you have selected, while at the same time avoiding costly unintended speeding fines!

Park Distance Control:
Modern vehicle designs make it increasingly difficult to see obstacles in front or behind the vehicle, and to judge the distance to an obstacle. A Bestech AutoPark can contribute significantly to preventing accidents involving your most precious assets - your children; and costly damage to your vehicle.

Tyre Pressure Monitors:
Under-inflated tyres cause 80% of tyre blow-outs, often leading to loss of control over the vehicle causing serious or fatal injuries to the driver and/or passengers. A Bestech AutoTyre pressure monitor can reduce the risk of this happening. The early pressure loss warning of the Bestech AutoTyre pressure monitor allows the driver to attend to a tyre in a safe place instead of being forced to change a flat tyre at an unsafe roadside.

Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits:
The latest state of the art Bury Bluetooth hands free kits from Bestech ensures excellent sound quality as well as safe driving; enhancing both the all-over driver experience as well as the safety factor. The latest Bury CC9060 Music car kits have a unique 2.8” intuitive touch screen with voice recognition, can connect 2 cell phones simultaneously, and is iPod and iPhone compatible.

Electric Windows:
Convert your car’s manual window winders to electric with Bestech’s AutoWindow, and operate all the windows at the touch of a button. Advantages include no more stretching or winding to open or close windows; improved safety through swift closing of windows; and enhanced interior styling.

Bestech – undisputed leader in automotive enhancement products
WE set the buying criteria!